Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pixel with paint

today was so tired with routine in collage and deadline about Application form and blog article. but in the evening that is the climax of my tired. i read some article about pixel art. that was sooo osoooommm
hahaha pardon me!
so i tried to make this one. oke its not good enough. but, at least i love this activities like i love green lamp in the traffic. so this is my new activities in my routine. i dont know what actually this picture i think its look like Orange? or People with orange head? or?

those picture is make with Paint (you know, every one had paint application in computer) i just zoom in (in the maximal) then i coloring with pencil tools, its easy and fun actually. just like you playing lego. then after that step, you can capture your creature with snipping tools in windows or with print screen on keyboard tuts. easy one!

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